10 Social Distant Activities To Do To Get You Out Of Your Nashville Quarantine Funk

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​There are a multitude of places to go in and around Nashville, Tennessee during quarantine.

There are a multitude of places to go in and around Nashville, Tennessee during quarantine. Below is a list of available activities to do and places to go to get you out of your quarantine funk.

1. Percy Priest Lake: Campgrounds, marinas, picnic areas, and fishing, the lake gives plenty of room for social distancing. Take friends and your family to go kayaking, bring your boat out and spend time in the water playing around. Percy Priest Lake is located in Nashville and has campgrounds and spots for RV camping. If you’re planning on hiking around the lake don’t go after it rains, the lake water rises and the trail gets washed out, unless you’re looking to raise the level of difficulty on your hike.

2. Disc Golf: If you’re looking to get into a new activity disc golf could be it. Nashville has five free disc golf courses in Metro Parks that are open from dawn to dusk except for tournament days. The disc golf parks are located in Seven Oaks, Two Rivers, Shelby Park, Cider Hill and Cane Ridge park. Grab some friends and some disc golf discs and head over to these parks to enjoy some time outside.

3. Foster Falls: Located an hour and 45 minutes outside of Nashville and a short hike from the parking lot you’ll reach a beautiful waterfall and a large pool to swim in. All can enjoy time at Foster Falls, it is also home to some of Tennessee’s most popular climbing. On weekends prepare to see climbers fill up the parking lot to take a crack at routes or even climb up the rock behind the waterfall.

4. Rock Island State Park: Located in Rock Island this state park is just an hour and 40 minutes away. This park features a swimming hole, cliff jumping, many waterfalls and rapids good enough to kayak. Rock Island is full of water activities to keep everyone entertained just a short drive away from Nashville.

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5. Kayak the Cumberland River: Take a friend and have one car located near Nissan Stadium and the other drop the kayaks off at Shelby Park. There is a boat ramp at Shelby Avenue and 20th Street within Shelby Park. Start the kayak there and paddle your way to an incredible view of the Nashville skyline. Pull off near Nissan Stadium for a short, fun, kayaking trip or take your time on the water to really soak up the view and enjoy the time with your friends.

6. Meeman-Shelby Forest: A state park in Millington, Tennessee sits along the Mississippi River. It is said to be haunted by Pigman, who has a pig-like face and haunts the wooded area of the park after dark. Over 200 species of waterfowl, shorebirds, birds of prey and songbirds also come out after dark. There are hiking trails and campsites available that sit on more than 13,000 acres.

7. Centennial Park: Located on West End in Nashville, this park is home to Nashville’s full-scale replica of the Parthenon. The park has a few paths to take to walk around, along with different statues, benches, a pond and plenty of grassy and shaded areas to take a picnic. Centennial Park has free parking available within the park and has a nice city feel if you want to picnic and pretend you are having a getaway in New York City’s Central Park.

8. Radnor Lake: Is a protected Class II Natural Area in Nashville and this park is wonderful for those who love nature. There are opportunities to observe owls, herons and waterfowl along with many species of amphibians, reptiles and mammals, including minks and otters. You can view the wildlife from a hike on the trail or a ride in a canoe.

GettyRF_140113502.jpg?mtime=20200727112512#asset:108745Radnor Lake. Photo by ©Malcolm MacGregor/Getty Images

9. Tennessee River Park: Located in Chattanooga this trail extends about 13 miles along the Tennessee River. It is perfect for those looking to have an urban park experience because the trail takes you through paths in downtown Chattanooga. The Riverwalk also has sections for biking, fishing areas and boat launches.

10. The Hermitage: President Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage home has opened a new tour “In Their Footsteps: Lives of the Hermitage Enslaved Tour.” This tour is currently available to 10 people at 1 p.m. Thursday through Sunday. The Hermitage asks guests to wear their makes during their tour to create a safe experience for staff and other guests. This tour shows the harsh reality of those enslaved until they gained their freedom. The tour also shows how the enslaved men and women lived, worked and died. Tickets are $35 per person which also includes all General Admission amenities which include tours of Andrew Jackson’s Mansion, audio tour unit and access to the exhibit space.

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Sam War is a Budget Travel intern for Summer 2020. She is a student at Middle Tennessee State University.

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