It’s National Mojito Day, But It Should Be An International Holiday

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Today is National Mojito Day, but perhaps this created holiday should be called International Mojito Day, as it is the world’s most searched cocktail.

A new study, just released by Scenic Cruises & Tours, analyzed Google search data, country by country, to determine which cocktail recipes people were searching for the most around the world. The mojito came out on top, as it was the most searched cocktail in 60 different countries, including: China, France and Jamaica.

According to Scenic Cruises & Tours, online searches for cocktail recipes increased a whopping 640 percent since March, as the COVID-19 pandemic spread and stay-at-home and quarantine orders were instituted.

“Whether you travel to France, Italy, Japan or Austria, you’ll discover that cocktail preferences differ from country to country, with some classic blends beloved in some places and unheard of elsewhere,” says Sarah Lancashire, brand manager at Scenic Cruises & Tours.

Worldwide, the Aperol spritz is second most popular cocktail, as it is the favorite cocktail in 24 countries, and it also is the most popular cocktail in European countries, as 20 countries on that continent prefer it.

Coming in a close third, is the margarita, which is the most popular cocktail in 23 different countries. The margarita remains the most popular cocktail in the United States, as well as Mexico and Spain.

Worldwide, the mimosa comes in fourth, as it’s the favorite in 10 countries, while the cocktail in fifth place is the martini, which is the favorite of nine countries.

Rounding out the top ten cocktails worldwide, you have the bloody Mary, which is a favorite of five countries; the piña colada, which is also a favorite of five countries, the caipirinha, which is a favorite in four countries; the boilermaker, which is a favorite of three countries, and the Moscow mule, which is also a favorite of three countries.

In Europe, after the Aperol spritz, which is the number one cocktail in Poland, Germany and Ireland, the mojito reigns supreme, as it is the favorite in 15 countries, including Italy,  Austria and Belgium, and then the martini, which is the favorite in six European countries. Rounding out the top five are the margarita and the martini, which are each favored in two countries.

Canada loves the Moscow mule, but Russia actually prefers the martini. The United Kingdom and Australia love espresso martinis while South Korea and Vanuatu prefer Sex on the Beach, and Japan is the only country in the world that ranks the highball as its cocktail of choice.  Singapore, not surprisingly, prefers the Singapore sling.

“This is what makes sampling cocktails on your travels such a wonderful way to get a taste for local flavors and traditions,” says Lancashire.

The top ten cocktails within the United States are, after the margarita: the Moscow mule, the old fashioned, the mimosa, the mojito, the bloody Mary, the mai tai, the negroni, the pina colada, and the tequila sunrise.

To look up a country and its favorite cocktail, go here.

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