Taipei Baoan Temple and GIANT Taiwanese Food Buffet Cafeteria! (Taiwan Travel Guide Day 3)

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I have to admit that on Day 3 of our trip to Taiwan, I didn’t do the best of planning… in fact I totally forgot that it was Monday, and I didn’t do my research well enough to write down the opening hours of many of the things to do in Taipei, and I didn’t realize many of the attractions in Taipei are closed until we arrived. Our first stop was to the Baoan Temple, one of the most well preserved temples in Taipei. We were also going to try to visit the Confucius Temple, but it was closed on Monday so we had to miss it. While Longshan temple was extremely busy and packed, Baoan temple, at least on the day we went, was extremely calm and not busy at all – there were just a few other people there and so it had a real peacefulness to it. What I really liked about visiting Baoan temple is the artistry of the temple – it really is one of the must visit things to do in Taipei.

After going to Baoan Temple, since I forgot it was Monday and nothing much was open, we decided to go straight to eat lunch. There was a restaurant I looked up on Foursquare not too far away from the temple where we decided to go for lunch called 丸林魯肉飯 Restaurant, unfortunately I’m not sure of the name in English. The restaurant served Taiwanese food all pre-cooked, and so to eat at the restaurant you just had to jump in line, wait your turn, and then choose whichever dishes you want. There was such an incredible selection of food that I found it quite challenging to decided what to order – but eventually I got a piece of salmon, some eggs fried with tomatoes, vegetables, and clam soup. Everything was pretty good and it was a great Taiwanese food dining experience.

In the evening we went to Raohe Night Market, but I decided to make a full video about going to the market so I didn’t include it in this vlog. But stay tuned for it.

That was Day 3 of our tripe to Taiwan. Thank you for watching!

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